Trying to show only certain ques in Call Manager

Asterisk Version 1.2.13

If any other information is needed, please just tell me. I do not run our installation of Asterisk, but am attmepting to find this answer none-the-less.

We use Aterisk her at my company, and our Helpdesk has access to the Call manager, to view the ques.

However, we have a problem. There are something around 40 ques, and if you are familiar with the Call Manager, this is quite a bit too many to fit on one screen.

So I was wondering if there is something we can change (other than the monitor showing the ques) to show only certain ques in the Call Manager that we want the Helpdesk to see.

Please and thanks in advanceto any and all help.

Am I missing information or is no one fimiliar with Asterisk Manager?

I’m not sure this is an Asterisk Support question but here goes :wink:

What are you referring when you say “Call Manager”? If it is a 3rd party user interface, you may want to contact their support forums. If you are actually trying to retrieve the queue stats from asterisk’s AMI interface, instead of using the command “show queues” you can loop through each queue you want to specify with “show queue queueA” etc…

That is a good question… does Asterisk support what is known as “Asterisk Manager” as well? Because that is the program that displays the ques.

Where did you download the program from :question: Without any additional information I’m going to guess it is either a program your company contracted out to have someone create, or a project which was downloaded from somewhere. Try contacting the person within your company who set it up first to find out.

Thanks for the help.

While I attempt to figure out what 3rd party progrma we are using to display the ques, would you happen to have any other suggestions?

Basically, I am looking to be able to produce a screen on any Windows client that will display the active ques, so someone would be able to see if there were any calls waiting in que.

How much Info do you need

Flash ops will display queue onfo and can pop reminders when calls are waiting too long.


[quote=“ianplain”]How much Info do you need

Flash ops will display queue onfo and can pop reminders when calls are waiting too long.


That sounds like an excellent start.

Basically, just want to be able to either see queues that have calls waiting or only show queues we wish to see (i.e. I want to display the staus of Queue1, Queue3, and Queue4, but not Queue2).

What ever we are using now, which from what I can tell is called “Asterisk Manager” displaying a Windows machine now, has a tab to show the queues and their status, but I have been told by our Linux engineer that it can only show them all, not ones we specify or that have calls waiting, and the list is beyond displayable, because there are so many queues.