Display coming call numbers in queue by Asterisk Manager API

Hello, Guys:
Have a nice day. I have a question. I am using a php script to capture the numbers in queue. Now I use Asterisk manager API command to get queues. for example, there are four numbers in queue 1 to wait to answer. I want to display the four numbers In the queue 1. Is there any way to get these numbers in queue?
thank you!

i have an app that does exactly that…

i use PHP to query the manager interface and pull a QueueStatus command - then i use two-dimensional PHP arrays to break the data into key=>value pairs for each entry returned by the manager. then i simply loop through the arrays and pull out the relevant entries and echo them to a page.

the whole thing didn’t take me that long to write and it works fairly well. i have posted snippets of my manager API code on the forums before, so if you search, you should be able to find some of the framework. if not, just check out the manager wiki and you should be able to get started pretty easily…