Problem with php-agi

hello everybody

i would like a help, i’ve developped a IVR with php-agi, buut when the call is doing, it returns me only this :

“/var/lib/asterisk/myIVR.agi completed, return 0”

i’ve verified the IVR, it’s clean and there is no bugs,

I’m waiting for your help pleaz


“”"“sorry for my english”""""""""

Please post the verbose CLI and the debug of the PHPAGI, otherwise there is really no way to tell.

thinks for your response

but i’ve used a old IVR compiled and tested on an other server.

but it returns me the same thing,

in the extension.conf " exten => s,3,AGI(/var/lib/asterisk/myivr.agi|apelant={callerid})

but on the call , ther’s a problem with the IVR.


Without the additional information I requested above it will be very difficult to assist you.

my script is below , all functions are defineded on the script

but I don’t know where is the problem.

if you need other information i ll give you


I refer back to this, as these details have not been included. You may find details on how to get CLI output here:

And debug on PHPAGI (assuming you are using the pre-rolled lib):* … ample.conf

thinks but really, i don’t understand.

my asterisk works well but not agi

can give me a example, and how to use php-agi


Here is the response that i see on the call
but on the script that no answer
pleaz i m waitinf for your help

Are you actually using the PHPAGI class library? I see no reference in your code calling the AGI class.

There are examples here:

ok here is all the code
sorry all comments are frensh