Trunk traversal and dialplans etc


I have a trunking question for you, can you please share any ideas you might have…


Asterisk A

  • Zaptel E1-lines
  • dialplan day: all calls to e1
  • dialplan evening: all gsm-calls to iax-trunk, rest to e1
    Asterisk B
  • Zaptel E1-lines and
  • 2N Stargate with 21 SIM-cards
  • dialplan 24h: landline-numbers to e1, gsm-calls to stargate.


Users behind A should be able to call GSMs via the stargate. This is working now.

NOT wanted

Asterisk B takes the call from the user behind A, tries the stargate
(limited to 21 connections) and if it’s full, resorts to it’s own
to complete the call.

I need B to tell A that “can’t do it sorry” in case the stargate is
full, and have A complete the call thru it’s own Zaptel E1. Possible? How?

The IAX-trunk between A and B works with a very basic configuration, A sends a call to B if the outbound route specifies the IAX-trunk to B. B follows it’s own dialplan, and if trunk “stargate” is full, it just falls back to it’s own backup e1-lines.

What I really would like to know is can B “reject” the call if the stargate is busy, so that A would then resort to it’s own resources (XX lines on a zaptel card) …

Now if B rejects the call, it audibly tells the user behind A that “all lines are busy now try again later” … eventho I have numerous lustfull quivering E1-lines on A just yearning to be ravaged.

What do I tell A and B on the IAX-trunk? How can I “integrate” the “busy here” from the stargate to transmit all the way to A, have A drop the iax-trunk and complete the call on E1 without the user hearing any obnoxious error messages in english…

The users don’t want to know “i tried and failed, please try again”, when all those lines sit idle …

Rambling maybe, but it’s late :smile: … Thanks for any ideas!