Trunk reported as online even though using wrong credentials

I am am using Asterisk with FreePBX.

Whenever I try dial out through my Viopstunt trunk I get told that I can’t connect.

The FreePBX status screen stays that my trunk is online but then its says this even when I put the wrong password and username in.

I have no idea how to establish whether or not the trunk is connecting.

When I try calling out I get told that “All Circuits are busy, please try your call again later”

As I am only using VoipStunt for outbound calls, all I have entered under the trunk settings is:

username=************ Type=friend secret=********** qualify=1000 nat=yes fromuser=*********** dtmfmode=inband disallow=all canreinvite=no allow=ulaw&alaw&gsm&g726