Trunk host subnet


We got an e-mail from a supplier that they are changing up the IP addresses with which they reach out to our server. The problem is that new range is a /18 subnet. When trying to look for an answer I find conflicting answers on if it is possible to use a subnet. Is there a way to change this so that one complete ip range /18 is allowed? I mean creating over 16.000 host= rules isn’t really an option.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Currently the part is build as followed:

context=from-example ;Which dialplan to use for incoming calls

host=external ip address

host=external ip address

That’s how you do it in chan_sip. A friend or peer is a single host. In chan_pjsip it’s completely different, and is a single line, and single endpoint configuration.

Don’t use an obsolete channel driver. As Joshua implies, this is easy with type=identify sections in the, currently supported, chan_pjsip driver

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