Trunk between Asterisk and VOIPSWITCH

Does Asterisk support trunk with voipswitch?

I am using didww as my DID provider. I have elastix installed. My voip supplier use voipswitch.

I want to call my DID number provided my didww and receive call on my elastix and forward it to voipswitch (my supplier).

Please let me know step by step configuration.

Help would be appreciated.

For step by step instructions, you need the Biz & Jobs forum.


But is it possible to do trunk between asterisk and voipswitch?


If voipswitch supports SIP, the answer is most probably yes :wink:

I tried to do many times, it did not worked for me.

Did you use a SIP peer on the Asterisk side?

Did you make any debugs of the SIP communication between the servers?