Troubleshooting Ring Group Issues

Hi all,

I have a ringroup setup to ring and loop back round and round until someone answers. I can see that one in every 20-30 calls on average shows no in and the call shows as answered for 6/7 seconds. I want to see what this is doing but would like to know if anyone can recommend the best strategy for getting some logs on this or a way of troubleshooting the issue as its pretty impossible to replicate without spending all day ringing the number.

Any suggestions as i’m a newbie to all this fault finding stuff on asterisk and could really do with some advice.



Ring groups are a FreePBX concept, not an Asterisk one.

In future, uses Asterisk Support if you want answers in Asterisk terms and if you want them in GUI terms.

Web interface or backend is not an issue, i’m just explaining the problem i’m having.

I’ve posted this issue on mulitple forums now, will do the same on freepbx but i’m after some advice.