Troubles Installing New Versions of Asterisk


I’ve been an Asterisk user for a few years now but recently did a server upgrade. I am no longer able to get Asterisk running and making calls over a SIP trunk. I remember it used to be very simple to configure your trunk and extensions and be making calls. Problems started happening with the change to PJSIP.

Now I am trying again. I have just installed Asterisk again on my Linux machine using “sudo apt-get install asterisk”. I am running Asterisk 16.12.0-dfsg-1.

I need to start Asterisk by “sudo asterisk -vvvvvvc”.

My /var/log/asterisk/messages is filled with errors about not being able to load shared object files.

When I run a netstat in another terminal I don’t even see Asterisk listening. Shouldn’t I at least see Asterisk listening on port 5060 or 5160 udp?

I appreciate any tips or advice in advance!

Not if required shared libraries are missing (or there are errors in the configuration).

Hi thanks for your reply. I don’t see any .so files related to networking. Are there any specifically I should be looking for?

Anything with pj in the name.

Whilst there may be some ones that are optional, I imagine most of those failing to load are required before PJSIP will start.

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