Error loading module ‘’: pjsip_tls_transport_restart

Hello guys,

I’m facing this issue when i am trying to load module on Astersik16.30
“Error loading module ‘’: pjsip_tls_transport_restart”

could some one help me please?

That generally happens if you have PJSIP enabled globally on the system, and also build in bundled, things can get confused and what is supported and what isn’t can get mixed up.

Is PJSIP installed as a system library?

i just installed ubuntu on virtual machine and downgraded the kernel to 15.5 to be stable with Astersik and normally installed the Asterisk with PJSIPproject boundle from Astersk WIKI.

What does “normally installed the Asterisk with PJSIPproject boundle from Astersk WIKI” actually mean? You also shouldn’t have to touch the kernel.

That means i did normally installing of asterisk as i saw in Asterisk site,
also i downgraded the kernel because i faced errors when i installed Asterisk “./configure” so it’s worked well after kernel downgraded.

Normally installing Asterisk would in include using a supported version of Asterisk. Asterisk 16 is about 2 months from end of life and is already only security fixes only.

I now that sir but i want to use that version with PJSIP for some purpose.

For what purpose you are using asterisk 16 that can not b implemented by latest version like 20.
If res_pjsip is not loading may be you are using both chan_sip and res_pjsip try to disable chan_sip from mene select and recompile it or you can also disable it from module.conf

I use that version 16 because it’s more stable than version 20 as i suppose.
As well I already disabled chan_sip from module.conf “noload =”, so what else could be the problem?

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