New Guy

Ok so I’m trying to download asterisk but i don’t know how to get it to go on to a DVD, I have all the hardware i just need help on the download and installation process. Also which Linux is best to support asterisk?

From your post I think you may be better downloading an ISO version such as Asterisknow or any of the others.

That way it will install the OS as well as asterisk.

If you need advice on downloading the iso and burning the image to a CD then you will need to find a site that deals with basic computer use such as … ecddvd.htm


i have a brand new computer. the hard drive is clean but when i try to load the asteriskNOW it says that the “CentOS” is missing. What is a solution to this?

can you please tell us what you did exactly? Did you download asterisknow?
you then burn the iso image onto a cd, with nero or something like that.
Remember you have to select burn image to cd… then select the image, you have may to tell nero to look for .iso files. I cant remember its been so long. After you burn the cd, then you put it into the cdrom, boot the pc make sure it is is set to boot from cdrom, then install it, once the system is installed it will boot up and tell you an IP address. You go to another pc on the network open up IE or firefox, and point to that address you will see the login page.

i got it to install but now im stuck on a screen that says:

CentOS release 5.3 (Final)
Kernel 2.6.18-128.1.1.e15PAE on an i686

localhost login:

what am i supposed to log in as?

I have not done the install on asterisknow lately, but if you created a user and password, I would put the username in, then when it asks for the password put that in and see if that works