Trouble getting asterisk running on Server2012 R2 64 bit

I am getting the error below evertime i try and run Asterisk. Thanks for help in advance.

$ /cygdrive/d/infoscan/server/asterisk/modules/asterisk

Loading Asterisk module…
Asterisk module loaded successfully
Asterisk entry point foundMaster config file used: '/cygdrive/d/InfoScan/Server/
Nov 17 11:16:52 NOTICE[1996]: cdr.c:1229 do_reload: CDR simple logging enabled.
Registered tone zone 0 (United States / North America)
Nov 17 11:16:53 ERROR[1996]: win32_tapi.c:129 telephonyInitialize: No suitable l
ine found.
Nov 17 11:16:54 NOTICE[1996]: win32_tapi.c:639 TapiEventThread: Terminating TAPI
msg thread…
Nov 17 11:16:54 ERROR[1996]: chan_tapi.c:870 load_module: Unable initialize TAPI

Nov 17 11:16:54 WARNING[1996]: loader.c:416 _load_resource: load
module failed, returning -1
Nov 17 11:16:54 NOTICE[1996]: win32_tapi.c:237 telephonyShutdown: Closing Messag
e Handler)
Nov 17 11:16:54 NOTICE[1996]: win32_tapi.c:244 telephonyShutdown: Closing lines.

Nov 17 11:16:54 NOTICE[1996]: win32_tapi.c:273 telephonyShutdown: Shutting down
Nov 17 11:16:54 ERROR[1996]: win32_tapi.c:276 telephonyShutdown: TAPI Error: 800
00050 on lineShutdown.
Nov 17 11:16:54 WARNING[1996]: loader.c:556 load_modules: Loading module chan_ta failed!

Asterisk stopped

I wasn’t aware that any version was supported on Windows. The original Windows port is based on a version that hit end of life many years ago.

I have it working on Server2003 R2 32bit and Server2008 R2 64bit. While working on migrating to Server2012 R2 64 bit, I ran into this nagging error message in the original post. I am hoping someone else has seen this issue and has a fix or at least point me in the right direction.

Seems to be trouble with the module. If you don’t need that, then I’d axe it and see if the load continued without failing otherwise. If you do need it, then I’d find the people behind chan_tapi, I guess that’s Patrick Deruel, for whom I have no contact information, or whomever’s maintaining it these days, since it’s not part of mainline Asterisk.