TrixBox Hanging during Calls

I am using Trixbox 1.1.1 with ViaTalk VoIP Service and no FXO or FXS Card.
I am able to initiate and recieve calls and the conversations are great. During calls though, with no apparent consistency, the call is terminates and when looking at the server monitor I see the error:

CentOS 4.3 (Final)
Kernel 2.6.9-34.0.2.EL on an i686

Kernel panic - not syncing: Kernel/module.c:2113:spin_lock(kernel/module.c:c036 05e0) already locked by kernel/module.c/2113

sometimes I only see one of these error messages, sometimes they are repeated with different error codes, but the same module.
The keyboard lights flash and the system doesn not respond to anything but a hard reset.
Can someone please help us get this server to a reliable status. We are using it as our new business line, but it is far too unstable to continue as is. Thanks in advance for your help and support.

totally random guess- i think this is related to the kernel spinlock bug. Search the forum or wiki or google for it- there is a fix you do to the kernel-source to un-break it. Then recompile zaptel and see…

The spinlock bug refers to spinlock.h
My problem file seems to be spinlock.c

I have just installed a digium 10P card in this machine and will be rebuilding the drivers. I’ll post on the results shortly.
Thanks for your help and I am still need a resoloution to this problem.

Have you updated to Asterisk 1.2.10/Zaptel 1.2.7 yet? I don’t think that the earlier versions are your problem, but the problem may disappear if you re-compile/install.


  1. Since I have installed the TDM400P, and rebuilt the drivers, ran:
    make clean
    make linux26
    make install
    ran genzaptelconf
    rebooted several times
    I have not experienced my kernel panic crash. So, logically, it may have had something to do with no Zaptel card installed in the box. javascript:emoticon(’:?’)

  2. Previously, I had already used and moved to 1.1.1 and also downloaded the 1.2.7 Zaptel drivers.
    Sorry, a bit of a linux newbie, What is the process for re-compiling/install? or have I already done that with the commands listed above?

  3. I am looking at “Asterisk Info” and I see:

Zaptel driver info
Chan Extension Context Language MusicOnHold
pseudo from-internal en
1 from-internal en
Verbosity is at least 1
Core debug is at least 1

How do I get rid of the “psuedo”?
I also found that ‘zttool’ lists:
Alarms Span
Unconfigured ZTDUMMY/1 1
OK Wildcard TDM400P REV I BOARD 1

It is my understanding that I want to get rid of ZTDUMMY…
How Do I do this??
I have scoured forums and googled this thing to death…

I will also leave my last question for a new thread “Credit Card Machine with TDM400P”