Treating the away presence state as unavailable

As a small call centre we are looking at replacing our desk phones with Jitsi, so far the tests have been going well aside from the fact that asterisk still rings the client even if their status is set to away, running “core show hints” tells us that Asterisk is only aware of the Device state and not the presence state (State:Idle Presence:not_set), the same applies to our Cisco IP phones.

Jitsi is detecting the presence state of other devices on the network including the Cisco IP phones.
When our Cisco phones are in a call Asterisk sees their device state as “Unavailable” and their presence state as "not_set, Jitsi sees their presence as “Busy”.

But when Jitsi is in a call Asterisk sees the device state as “Idle” and the presence state as “not_set” even though other softphone clients see the presence state as “Busy”

The presence state is only supported by Digium phones. It allows you to toggle it from the phone itself and have that be exchanged around. The ability for other phones to control their state (or see presence state) using SIP is not currently supported.

If configured properly then the device state should go to busy or in use when in a call however. I’d suggest providing the configuration so it can be confirmed.