Transport won't load on upgrade to 18.12.0


I attempted an upgrade to 18.12.0 this morning from 18.11.2, and the new version does not work at all. I’ve begun digging into why, and it seems like it’s probably related to updating pjproject to 2.12, but I’m not sure - I’m posting here to hopefully gain a little more insight so I can create a useful bug report.

First off, I’m on a platform that won’t let you bind IPv4 addresses on an IPv6 socket, and I suspect this is the core of my issue, but I haven’t yet found the bad bind in code. Another quirk of this platform is that AF_NETLINK sockets are all but completely unsupported, in case it’s important.

The first 3 errors when asterisk is started, from the logs:

[May 12 08:31:31] ERROR[888860] res_pjsip/config_system.c: Could not create DNS resolver(120022), resorting to system resolution
[May 12 08:31:31] ERROR[15627] res_pjsip/config_transport.c: Transport 'transport-udp' could not be started: Address already in use
[May 12 08:31:31] ERROR[15627] res_sorcery_config.c: Could not create an object of type 'transport' with id 'transport-udp' from configuration file 'pjsip.conf'

I have a bunch more errors down the line related to not being able to load transport-udp, of course. None of these three show up in logs for the previous versions. Digging in, it seems the 120022 refers to EAFNOTSUP - which is what makes me think there’s one of those improperly-IPv6 sockets in play. “Address already in use” doesn’t make sense, since a sockstat shows no open network sockets from asterisk, and no sockets on port 5060 at all (where asterisk should bind).

The transport section of pjsip.conf:


(of course my actual WAN ip is in there, but clipping for privacy).

Any suggestions on where to start digging with this one? Otherwise, I’ll start digging further into the code to try to find this problem.

Thanks in advance!

SIP transports are completely implemented within PJSIP and are each in their own file[1].

[1] pjproject/sip_transport_udp.c at master · pjsip/pjproject · GitHub

I see - and sure enough, reverting the patch in commit e5e02f783d66c6ea10001934c9da20b11fa2effc ("[PATCH] pjproject: Update bundled to 2.12 release.") and keeping everything else in 18.12.0 works perfectly for me. Haven’t found the offending changes in 2.12 yet, but this confirms to me that it’s not an asterisk-specific issue, and I need to keep digging into pjproject instead - thanks for the pointer.