Transferring call to elsewhere

hi Mohsen, i want to transfer call sip from sip server A to sip server B, and sip B is another machine and my code is mentioned below but its not working can you help me out? it would be great.
can I mention the sip name of server B ip also?

If you just want to send the call from asterisk A to asterisk B, first you need to create sip section (trunk) for asterisk B inside asterisk A and vise versa.
then you could dial from asterisk A to asterisk B like this:

this ip is incorrect:
you should double check it

hey mohsen, thanks for the reply. both sip trunk are configured on both end server A and server B.
but call is not getting connect on customer number when i am initiating from server B.

exten => 3197501157,n,Dial(SIP/TG76/3362313648@

this is the code TG76 is the sip name which configured on server B and is the IP of server B.

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