Transfered Calls CDR Issues

We are using cdr_adaptive_odbc for asterisk cdr. When an agent makes outgoing calls via [macro-dialout] context, If this calls answered asterisk write one line rows to the cdr tables. Eveything is ok. But when an agent(101) makes outbound calls and makes it attented transfer to the other agent (102) when the call terminated asterisk write two rows to the cdr one of this;

  1. src : 101 dst: +90507XXXXXXX duration : 150 sec.
    and other one ;
  2. src : 101 dst : 102 duration : 15 sec. (101 says to 102 I will transfer the call to you.)
    After this, I can not find the cdr between 102 and dst: +90507XXXXXXX. There is no cdr row in the table.
    Where is the mistake ? How can I handle correctly transfered calls ?

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