Call Transfer Question

I am running Asterisk 1.0.10 and right now if a call comes in I can transfer them to any number via a Cisco 7940. If I transfer them back out it will take up two lines, one that the call came in on and another that I transfered it out on. Is there anyway to like send it back out so it only takes up one line? Or ideally gets transfered back out and frees up both lines? My boss likes the idea he can transfer people if he needs to but I don’t want employees abusing this. Any ideas?

transfer using a single line would be a telco-operated feature, and nothing that Asterisk could perform for you. you’ll need to speak to them and get a feature code to be able to use it.

Asterisk can’t send it back out the same line or something? I am new to asterisk and the whole working with a PBX thing so I am clueless with this stuff.

yes, but the ability to put a zap trunk on “telco-hold” while you dial another, or request a transfer to another number removing your hardware from the circuit altogether, would be a telco feature.

just ask them for it, you’ll find out quickly enough if they can do it for you.

Allright thanks I will have to call them and see if I can do it. Thanks again.