Transfer from agent to a context , extension ,priority!

Hi every one ,

I have a question related to asterisk , if someone can help me it would be great !

I would like to transfer a call from agent to a specific extension’s (say 500 ) first priority(say 1) , in the default context , how can i achieve that ?


What have you already tried? What went wrong? Which “technology” (sip, dahdi (analogue, associated channel, common channel), iax, etc.) are you using? Are the agents callback (deprecated), always on, or not actually agents in the Asterisk sense? Which version are you using?

Hi again , thanks for the reply.

i am using asterisk 1.8.2 + dahdi .

i have implemented an IVR on asterisk

a caller listens to the options on IVR . the caller gets transfered to a call center agent (using sip phone )when the caller presses 0 ( i use dial command like this dial(sip/200… to connect them) ] everything is working fine. now what i want is , transfer the call back to the IVR main menu i.e to the dialplan as if he has called again . the context is default the extension and priority is one in the dialplan.

how can i achieve this ?


i tried using feature.conf BLINDTRANSFER like this

blindxfer => #1

i defined an extension 1 in the the default context , and i used goto in it’s first line but that did not worked at all.

Use a SIP transfer, or enable features transfers with the relevant Dial application options.