[HELP]: Transfer a call to context|exten|priority?

I’ve configured Asterisk for home use. Basically it consolidates incoming calls from the PSTN, Skype, SIP, etc. It screens calls and treats ‘known’, ‘unwanted’ and ‘unknown’ callerIDs based on a database lookup. Hitherto-‘unknown’ callers have to prove they are not a machine by entering a DTMF sequence.

Outgoing calls are usually made via a database of short-codes for regularly-called correspondents.

Unusually, there is just a single extension which has a DECT base station to relay to other DECT phones around the house.

All this (and more) is working extremely well.

But I have a new requirement. Occasionally, an ‘unwanted’ caller will infiltrate the system and connect to the extension. What I would like to do is, from the extension, engage in a private dialogue to decide how to continue the call, e.g play some delightful music or route it to voicemail and possibly add the callerID to the database.

I’ve tried Asterisk’s in-built call transfer. But that just asks for an extension which, as I explained, I don’t have many of. What I imagine is interrupting the call (with e.g ##) and sending the called party (the extension) to some context|exten|priority where I can carry out the private dialogue and then deal with the calling party according.

Despite Googling, I can’t quite see how to achieve this - if it is indeed possible.

So any pointers would be gratefully received. Thanks.

A context/extension is an extension. There is no limit on these that you are likely to hit. Your limited resource is devices, not extensions.