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I was hoping to use this application GitHub - asterisk/aeap-speech-to-text: Asterisk external speech to text application to:

  • Transcribe the call as it is happening and drop off the results into a pre-created file (${UNIQUEID}-Transcription.txt) so that someone tailing the file would see the transcription as it was happening in real time. When the call is over, the transcription to the file ends.

According to the instructions, I can activate the transcription process:

same => n,SpeechCreate(my-speech-to-text)
same => n,SpeechStart()

I can create a file at the beginning of the call:
same => n,${SHELL(touch ${UNIQUEID}-Transcription.txt)}


  • How do I get the transcription flowing into the file as it is happening?
  • Alternatively, is there a better way. to accomplish transcribing real-time using Google that will accomplish the real-time transcription going into a file, as the phone conversation is happening?

Thanks in advance for any insights!

That functionality isn’t meant for realtime transcription. It’s meant for a voice based IVR. For realtime transcription writing an ARI application that used external media and snoop channels would be the way to go.

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I’d also argue that you cannot do accurate transcriptions in real time. Even with the best phoneme recognition, you need to backtrack to to cope with homophones, and the more context the translator has the more likely it is to get the correct translation.

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