Total newbie question

Registed two minutes ago after reading an entire morning the forum.
Great project is this.
But here is my question:

I want to build a system that does the following:
Accept an incoming call, allow the caller to dail a outside number and then bridge the call. At the same time this bridged call needs to be recordered.

Is Asterisk up to this “simple task?”

Yes, this app does it for you: … k+cmd+DISA

And Asterisk allows for recording of any and all channels.

Out of curiosity, what’s the point of letting someone from the outside dial an extension, and place a call back out pretending to be that extension?

there are a ton of reasons for doing this.

Hiding your home phone number from customers, making sure the office gets charged for longdistance and no you, or say you are in a hotel, it usually cheaper to call the 800 number bacj at your office, bounce thru DISA then place that internation call to your buddies cell phone in New Zealand