Too many 200 OKs being sent by Asterisk in response to Invite


Asterisk Version 17.6.0

We are taking inbound calls from one of our SIP Trunk providers. Asterisk answers the call and starts playing media, but on the same time it continues to send 200 OK packets to the SIP provider, besides getting ACK for each of those.
One thing that I have noticed though is that we are getting SIP NOTIFY with Tel URLs, which the Asterisk is rejecting as an unsupported uri scheme, but those shouldn’t be of relevance in our scenario.
I have uploaded the PCAPs on drive which can be accessed using following link:

The call flow from wire shark is as follows:

The ACK request contains tel URIs, which are unsupported, so the SIP request is ignored.

Ok, thanks @jcolp that was really quick. You are always there to help with anything on SIP. Much appreciated. So there is no way to support that from Asterisk I guess, the only option is to get SIP provider to fix this.

Without adding support to chan_pjsip for tel URIs, no.

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