Asterisk doent send 200 OK if on returned call from provider

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maybe somebody knows the answer
I am making a call from Asterisk 16 PJSIP to sip provider and sip provider return my call back so i can route it further the probles is that asterisk doesnt send 200 OK (SDP) on returned call

There is not enough information here. What does “return my call back so I can route it further” mean? What’s the SIP trace on the side of Asterisk (pjsip set logger on)?

I am using one asterisk as a SIP+ RTP PROXY so the full picture is:
1-client A is making a call
2- the call comes to SIP+RTP proxy
3-call goes to SIP trunk provider
3-SIP TRUNK PROVIDER return call back to the SIP+ RTP PROXY
4-call goes to client B
(pcap file attached as txt)
Invite ID 3 = invite from the provider where asterisk doesn’t send 200 OK
savecalls.txt (21.6 KB)

A pcap is only a partial picture of things. An Asterisk side SIP trace and when combined with a console log shows more information and shows what Asterisk itself is doing. You’ll also need to specify what the IP addresses are for, because you have a lot.

The message sequence diagram show …1.24 sending an illegal ACK. ACK can only be sent after a final response. 100 is not a final response.

ok so U mean they have to wait for 200OK and only after that send ACK correct ?

They have to wait for 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, or 6xx, although,for a normal successful call, it will only be 200.

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