TLS and SRTP problem

Hi guys, i followed every step from this website but my softphone will not register, i tried Blink and also Zoiper with no success… i also tried to look on packets in Wireshark and this is what i get, is Asterisk server and is my PC

im using AsteriskNOW 6.12 and here is my configuration of extension and CHAN SIP

sorry for 2 replies but it sais that new users can post only one image in 1 message

If you enable PJSIP debugging in Asterisk, does it see the REGISTER? Does PJSIP report that it’s bound for TLS transport type? (pjsip show transports).

i cant enable PJSIP, when i change it to pjsip, it automatically changes back to chan_sip. Anyway i tried sip debugging and when i try to register using TLS, there is nothing, no message :frowning: whereas when i try it without TLS, there are several messages with succesful registration etc… i have tried several sofphones with no success, also another router…