How to configure Asterisk 12 (TLS ,SRTP,PJSIP) with softphone

Hello everyone, everything good ? I have Asterisk version 12 and I need to use some softphone with encrypted calls. So I’m trying to configure my asterisk to use TLS and SRTP, but even after generating the certificates, making the pjsip settings the endpoint does not authenticate. How do I view PJSIP error logs? Does anyone have a step by step of this configuration?

Step 1: Replace Asterisk 12 with Asterisk 20. (If you have to use SRTP etc., it is because you have security concerns, but Asterisk 12 has upwards of seven years of unfixed security vulnerabilities.)

Many, many, people get this to work. but without details of your configuration, and the exact log messages, it’s difficult to say what is wrong, although “failed to authenticate” sounds like it is a problem that would be there even with SIP over UDP and RTP.

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