[TIP] Polycom ringer volume

So I got a bunch of Polycom 301s, and overall they’re nice phones. There was just one thing i was really not happy with. I use these phones in a retail store and the ringer turned up all the way was WAY to quiet. I couldnt find anything about changing it anywhere, but ive finally found out how to do so. So if any of you are experiencing the same thing this is how you fix it.
First make sure you are provisioning your phones centrally like tftp, if not read this first voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … 722Polycom

Then open up your sip.cfg file, around line 319 you should see a “gains” section.
for the 300/301 find the part that reads ‘voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP_300="-6"’ and change the -6 to something like 6 or 12. I wouldnt go much past 12, but if you need it that loud then give it a shot.
This will also work for other phones, just make sure to find your models ringer gain and change it to something higher

After you have saved and quit restart your phones and try the ringer, it should be much louder now :wink:

Hope that helps somebody