The s Extension

Hi All,

can some one just clarify something for me about the S extension

i am using asterisk 1.2 with realtime database for voicemail, sip users, cdr, and extensions etc, ive managed after a few days to get every running fine.

but i can never seem to get the s extension to work


switch => Realtime/@

switch => Realtime/@

and in my extensions table i have the following, im working from the oreiley book etc and cant seem to get even the simplest of dialplans to work i just get not found

extensions_table ( using Mysql )

incoming s 3 Hangup   
incoming s 2 Playback hello-world 
incoming s 1 Answer   

i just get not found all the time, but if i replace s with an extension number i then get through to it, have i missed something that activated the s extension for use.


extension => s,1,answer
extension => s,2,Playback(hello-world)
extension => s,3,Hangup


i think you miss understand me, i know its an extension, but i have to use my extensions_table in my mysql database. when ever i use the s extension i get not found, if i then change the s to a number or name i get the hello worl message.

what i am trying to say is has any one who has realtime databses in there configs managed to use the s extension in there config. If so can any one show me a working config to insert in to my mysql databases.

also i notive the i and t extension are used for invalid selections, id the s doesnt work, whats the chance onm the i and t extensions working.


ive just noticed something aswell, and i suppose it doesnt matter as extensions use priorities etc

but in my mysql table it stores them 3-2-1 but there suposed to be 1-2-3 am i right in thinking asterisk will realise whats next in the config table.


found this on the wiki but not for sure how old it is

The ‘i’ and ‘s’ extensions are currently not supported. The ‘t’ extension is supported.
Edit: Latest CVS will accept ‘i’ and ‘s’ / rowitech … Extensions

Sorry I cant be of more help but haven played with realtime yet but I need too


thanks for your input, i didnt see that when i originally surfed that wiki, i gues it says it is supportted, i may just run the make update now to see if i am getting the right distribution. i have 1.2 so i am sure i am up to date.

im just stunned no one has a proper realtime working configuration ( well that there letting on about )

any ways, its always better learning this way, even if your mrs is threatning to leave you as you spend to much time on the PC :smile:



so i recompiled to version 1.2.5 but still the s extension does not work, i just get not found.

for the s,i and t extension is there anything else i need to configure for them to work