Testers for nv_faxdetect, nv_backgrounddetect asterisk 1.4.0


Since I would like to receive faxes with asterisk, I need nv_faxdetect from Newman.

Since I could not find any version for asterisk-1.4.0, I have taken the liberty to convert the Newman utils to newest asterisk version.
They all compile fine, but I do not have the facilities (no faxlines etc.) to test them. Also, I have only config setup for nv_faxdetect, and no actual need for the other utilities.

If anyone is willing and able to test these utilities, please post here.

Thanks to all asterisk developers, I love 1.4!!!


I would be more than willing to test NV_faxdetect and NV_backgrounddetect.
I currently use NV_backgrounddetect on 1.2 and have been looking to get it working on 1.4.

I’m on a linksys slug so I will need the source so it can be compiled.



Hi Paul,

PM me your e-mail address…

I’ve sent you a PM, but not sure if it worked.

In case it hasn’t then my e-mail is:


I have a copy of nvfaxdetect and nvbackgrounddetect, that works with 1.4.0 thru 1.4.4, I was trying it with 1.4.8 and compiling failed.

Have you guys made it work with 1.4.8?

Sorry, but since I discovered chan_misdn has full faxdetect support I do not use the NV applications anymore.

I discovered the option by doing “misdn show config”. Although this command is not generic (with sip you have to do “sip show settings”), I suggest you look first for faxdetect options available for channel types you use…

I don’t think SIP channel has anything built in for fax detection. It has answering machine detection, but not fax.

In any case, they compiled fine with 1.4.9

That’s true, but in my case I connect my SIP channel to an misdn channel, and there I can detect the fax. You could do the same with zaptel; only if you are working sip-channel to sip-channel you need NVFaxdectect…


I am looking for nv_faxdetect but the Newman site appears to be offline.

I am using * 1.4.9 and would be happy to test for you.
In any case would you be able to supply me with a link or email me a copy.