Outgoing fax detection on SIP channel. HELP!

I’m using latest Asterisk - i need to make faxdetection on outbound sip calls.
Is that possible ?
On incoming calls faxdetect works well.
Just to enable faxdetection on sip channel edit sip.conf:

; FAX detection will cause the SIP channel to jump to the 'fax' extension (if it exists) ; based one or more events being detected. The events that can be detected are an incoming ; CNG tone or an incoming T.38 re-INVITE request. ; faxdetect = yes ; Default 'no', 'yes' enables both CNG and T.38 detection ; faxdetect = cng ; Enables only CNG detection ; faxdetect = t38 ; Enables only T.38 detection ; faxdetect = both ; Enables both CNG and T.38 detection (same as 'yes')

But faxdetection on outgoing sip calls not working :frowning:
I tried to use for that purpose NVFaxdetect and NVBackgroundDetect - they are too working only on incoming sip calls.
By the way voip-info.org talks about this voip-info.org/wiki/view/outgoing+fax+detect :frowning:
On chan_dahdi faxdetection works in both ways - but i need that function on chan_sip.

On incoming fax calls Asterisk detects CNG tone 1100 Hz - to detect fax on outbound call it must listen CED tone 2100 Hz.
I think that to enable this feature need to edit source code of asterisk - who can help me ?
Or there is another ways ?

Please help !
Thanks in advance.

I am also running, but I don’t have the snippet of code you posted in any of my sip*.conf files. Did you add any modules that created those entries?


I did not add any modules to 1.6.11.
It was just downloaded from asterisk.org - compiled and installed.

in sip.conf see section:
;----------------------------------------- T.38 FAX SUPPORT –

You can see asteriskforum.ru/viewtopic.php?t … highlight=
Its solved.