Terminating StreamFile via AGI or AMI

I am looking for a way to stop a ‘streamfile’ that is in progress from the manager interface or the AGI interface.

The current approach that I’m considering is to set a channel variable via the manager interface and poll that variable from within the while loop in ‘waitstream_core’. It seems to work, but seems a bit of hack and was wondering if anyone here had thoughts on a more elegant way to handle this?

thanks a bunch

I also have an interest in accomplishing this. I have been looking through docs and it doesn’t appear there is any way to interrupt audio from a controlling application…

Could you do a Redirect from AMI to a new AGI script to play different audio?

I think what you’re suggesting might work. I haven’t tried it though. Would be interested in finding out if that works for you.

I’m trying a slightly different approach. Let me know if anyone out here has already tried this with success or failure…:smile:

I’m thinking of sending the caller(s) to a meetMe conf room and streaming the file to the conf room by doing an AMI Originate to Local channel and bridging to the meetMe conf room. I can use the meetMe ‘kick’ feature to remove the streamFile if I wish to terminate.

any thoughts?

I have successfully tested and verified that doing an AMI Redirect will terminate any audio currently playing. This is probably a less resource intensive solution… although I’m still a newb.