AGI question -- stream file

I use pagi framework for AGI application. The framework can be found here:

The problem is in my php code:

$agi = new AGI();
$IDuser = (string) $agi->parse_callerid()[‘username’];

$agi->stream_file(‘im-sorry’); // First stream_file that does not work

The stream_file(‘im-sorry’) does not work. I have tested this, whatever stream_file I put after “$agi->answer();”, it will not work. Immediately after this first stream file, everything works successfully. I have no idea why the first stream_file(iam sorry) after “$agi->answer();” does not work.
Thank you in advance.

Like SIP problems, AGI problems are frequently solved with more information.

For SIP, that’s capturing packets.

For AGI, it’s enabling AGI debugging:

vtpv11:vtpv:15:01:06> agi set debug on
AGI Debugging Enabled

Do you get anything interesting in the console log?

Try playing the file using dial plan same=>n,playback(im-sorry), if works you will need to solve the problem on the PHPl library side

Im-sorry works, it is not problem with it.

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