Telephony Interface Requirement for Asterisk


We want to use the asterisk based solution for our outsourced call center. As the setup has not begin yet we do not have any POTS,T1/E1 carrier…etc. We are completely going from scratch…

I know that for POTS and T1/E1 carrier the asterisk server should have some compatible interface cards with channel types…But as we are going from scratch we want to implement VOIP, we will be using services from some SIP provider…But I’m confused :confused: that do we need Telephony Interface card for VOIP (SIP based)…Since we will have IP based phone (software or hardware) …I guess we don’t need any T1000P or FXS or FXO…interfaces card or what ever. In my view only we need to connect the server to switch…so only NIC is required…Please help me.


no .if you use inly voip you do not need any other hardware except computer.

just be sure to order enough internet bandwidth for your VOIP carrier… and also see if your ISP supports true TOS and QoS. remember if uncompressed each active call will use close to 100k total bandeidth cost. so that says on a T1 you would get 15-16 simultaneous calls at no compression. if you use G729 you can get many more calls on a T1 however you need to license each simultaneous channel to use G729. and also the equipment you use to set up your data network is important. if you buy cheap routers and switches you will have cheap results. I like adtran and cisco equipment. HP procurve switches arent bad… just some things to think about. a callcenter will be a high volume enviroment.

Thank You :smiley: