te411p calling outbound

Configuration is the following
Rhino channel bank, crossover T1, Asterisk Box TE411p Port 1.
I have 5 lines running into the channel bank off the demarc. Channels 1-5

I can call into any of the channels asterisk answers, everything is good.

I can login with an IAX client, call between IAX clients, everything is good

If I try using a zap channel from an IAX client, dial,zap/1 I get a dial tone, if I manually dial I see in idefisk unknown error 5 on call 0, after a few seconds operator comes on and says “if I want to make a call please hangup try again”

If I call in on a zap channel (landline), and then call the same extension above, I get a dial tone and can dial the number manually w/o issues.

If I call in on a zap channel, and then have asterisk do the dialing dial,zap/1,9localnumber (i have to dial 9 to get out), it fails, but it works if I dial manually.

If I use my channel on my tdm400p to dial it works fine both ways, it’s specific to the TE411P.

I would think the channel bank is working fine, since I can call into asterisk through it, get a zap channel and then manually dial back out through it. But if Asterisk handles the dialing, through IAX, or building the dial string and then doing it, it fails.

Running 1.2.1, opensuse10. te411p (channels 1-96), tdm400p (channels 97). I just added the tdm400p to the system because I cannot use the te411p to make iax -> landline calls.

Post back the following.

  1. zapata.conf
  2. zaptel.conf
  3. extensions.conf related to dialing out