TDM800p callerid issue

We had an issue a tdm800p not getting callerid from POTS , after we have spoke to asterisk they told us to
"modprobe wctdm24xxp ringbounce=512" which kind of resolve the problem but after system reboots it does the same thing ;no callerid’

is there anyway to install ringbounce=512 part of the zaptel module.

A simple “hack fix” would be to run that in /etc/rc.d/rc.local every time the system boots up.

yes this is the way i have done, but this is for a customer and it would be good to put a permanent solution,
I was wondering how i could recompile the zaptel driver with the ringbounce=512, i was not able to see anywhere i can do that
also, i can not find anywhere else this even reference to;

any other idea :unamused:

Funny. I tried replacing a TDM400 with an 800 over the weekend and had the same problem. Adding “ringdebounce=512” seems to fix it. Thanks for mentioning it!

Anyway, adding [color=blue]wctdm24xxp_ARGS=“ringdebounce=512”[/color] to /etc/sysconfig/zaptel (or /etc/default/zaptel, whichever you have) should make it permanent.

Or you could look for DEFAULT_RING_DEBOUNCE in zaptel-1.4.???/kernel/wctdm24xxp/wctdm24xxp.h and change it there, but (to me) that seems harder to remember to carry forward when upgrading.