TDM400P FXO channel is always off-hook


I installed a TDM400P card with 2 FXS and 2 FXO channels. The pstn is connected to channel 3 that is logically an FXO. I can call and receive calls with any problems.

However, when I see the status of the ZAP channel 3 in asterisk console, it says always “Actual Hookstate: Offhook”. Is it normal?

Thanks in advance,


Do you have a hangup in your dialplan? Could also be the signalling, are you using loopstart, kewlstart, or ?

Actually, I am using @home and the dialplan is already configured by Asterisk; so there is a Hangup.

I use kewlstart, but I don’t think that it depends on the signalling, because when the channel is connected to pstn it always mentions Offhook and when it is disconnected, it always says Onhook.

Does it mean that Onhook and Offhook only reflect the donncetivity of the server to pstn?