Fxo line hookstate: ONHOOK!

hardware type is : wctdm24xxp. dahdi version: 2.5 . asterisk version: 1.8 .

i have an asterisk with fxs and fxo cards.
fxo and fxs are connected through an analog trunk.

trying to make a call from fxs through fxo, but it does not work. it says everybody congested.
unless i received a call on fxo then i would be able to make calls from fxs through fxo.

i kind of found out the problem!
the fxo line hookstatus is onhook whereas it should have been offhook in order to function normally.

the fxo line hook state changes to OFFHOOK in three cases :
case 1: if i received a call on the fxo line
case 2: if i unplugged then plugged the fxo line
case 3: if i plugged the fxo line after turning on the hardware not before, otherwise i have to do what i did in case 2 to make it work.

so my question is: why is it not detecting that fxo line is OFFHOOK (connected) ? why do i have to unplug then plug to make it offhook? and how to force it to be offhook by asterisk or linux or dahdi?

thanks in advance

DAHDI support should be obtained from your card vendor; those here who actually know about DAHDI generally work for a card vendor and will insist on this.

Asterisk 1.8 is way past end of life.

Onhook is the correct starting state for a line.

I suspect that you have earth versus loop start misconfigured.

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thanks david for replying but m wondering if onhook is the correct starting state for a line then why when
i unplug then plug then it turns to offhook ? and why when it is in offhook then eveything works fine?

I’m guessing that what happens is mistaken for an earth start.

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honestly m not getting what you are trying to tell me.
m good with asterisk but very newbie to dahdi.
i think i should be asking digium for support.

You should be asking Sangoma for support, as they have taken over Digium. However, I wouldn’t expect them to to support such an old version of Asterisk.

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