TDM400 not dropping call when remote caller hangs up

I have a test * box with the Digium TDM400 FXO card for my normal BT (UK) PSTN line. The problem i have is that if i call the * server from my mobile and during the ringing hang up, the pstn line is held until eihter voicemail kicks in or i disconnect using FOP.
this isnt a massive problem as the delay is 15 seconds for voicemail, but if the caller is placed in a queue and hangs up they remain in the queue untill the call is answered and then hung up by an extension.

I have only noticed this happen on todays install, i have a couple of boxes that i keep reinstalling from scratch as this seems to be the best way to learn !!

any suggestions ?

i encountered this kind of problem too. Any expert can drop in and help plz! dufus help us!!

I have also tested this on an A@H2.0B4 and it appears to behave properly, well on the hanging up of calls issue it works.

Anyone know what * build A@H2 is based on ?