tc400b problems with g723 in sip and h323

Hello Asterisk Support,

I bought the card TC400B 3 weeks ago and I have not found the solution, I am testing. “transcoding between g723 and g711ulaw using h323”.

This is my escenario:

Phone A — FXS — Cisco 2811 — G723/G729 — (/TC400B) — SIP G711ulaw— (/TDM2406E) — FXO — GSM Network — Phone B

Fedora Core 6
asterisk 1.2.17
zaptel 1.2.16
ooh323 included in addons 1.2.5
kernel: 2.6.20-1.2944.fc6

I can see the zaptel configuration is fine in dmsg:
Zaptel DTE (g.729a / g.723.1 5.3kbps) Transcoder support LOADED (firm ver = 56)
Found and successfully installed a Wildcard TC: Wildcard TC400P+TC400M

I could see the commands show transcoder and show translations fine according with the PDF User Guide manual.

I tested the TC400B and works fine with G729 using SIP and H323.

But when I use G723, I only can hear the voice from phone B to phone A. First I though it was a problem with ooh323, but after I tested with SIP I could see that the problem is also present. I also though that the problem was the card but then I discard it because I can see that with G729 works fine.

I tested first with asterisk 1.4.2 and 1.4.1, but with these 2 versions it doesn’t work and has not support for “show transcoder” command.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong or what I need to do in order to have this card working in h323 with G723

Any help will be so much appreciated.


Jovanny Saravia

any ideas ?
I am starting to think what nobody has tested TC400B with G723 before
Please any help will be so much appreciated.

someone has tried using TC400B with G723 ? Somebody has seen this working ?
I bought it but I can’t use yet.
any help will be so much appreciated

Call Digium support: