Task processor queue warnings - specifically for the "ast_channel_topic_all-cached" topic

Hi there,

I’m looking at upgrading to Asterisk 13, and I’ve noticed warnings of the following form:

WARNING[14212][C-0000645a] taskprocessor.c: The ‘subm:ast_channel_topic_all-cached-0000000e’ task processor queue reached 500 scheduled tasks.

I’m only seeing them for the “ast_channel_topic_all-cached” topic. I’ve installed Asterisk 13.21.0 (certified release), but have not installed PJSIP, CDR, CEL, AMI, ARI or the stasis modules.

I’ve read https://blogs.asterisk.org/2016/07/13/asterisk-task-processor-queue-size-warnings/, but it doesn’t seem to particularly address this specific case.

Elsewhere I’ve seen it commented that the warnings are only currently used by PJSIP, so aren’t critical if you’re not using PJSIP, but even if that’s true, don’t these warnings still imply that Asterisk is being overloaded and are therefore still a concern? The server is actually idle at the moment while I’m testing, and I only get the messages when spammers try bursting 5-10 calls per second, but the production systems would be receiving a lot more calls than that, so I’m a bit concerned that I’m getting high water mark warnings at such low levels.

Also when I run “core show taskprocessors” I see a max depth ~ 800 for the “ast_channel_topic_all-cached” topic - is that normal?

I’m also looking into the possibility of installing the stasis modules, but I’m not sure whether that would make the problem better, worse, or make no difference! Are they recommended, even though I don’t use AMI or the CDR engine?