Manager, task processor

Hi everybody,

I’d kindly ask for your help - we have an asterisk 13 installation with approximately 100 queues and 30 agents. When a call comes into any of the queues and asterisk cycles through available agents, we get an error:

[2018-05-10 11:02:45] WARNING[61982]: taskprocessor.c:888 taskprocessor_push: The ‘subm:manager_topic-00000006’ task processor queue reached 3000 scheduled tasks again.

Same thing happens if agents login/logoff. I’ve first noticed this problem with version 13.19, but it’s also present in 13.20 and 13.21. Last working version was therefore 13.18.

I can easily reproduce this with test system without any load. If this matters, we are using freepbx and dynamic queue members - it might be related to amount of AMI messages (QueueMemberStatus), but we need those due to a third party application that reads AMI events (CRM).

Could anyone point me into the right direction? Is there a way of increasing the watermark limits, task queue depth, anything like that?

Thanks for your help,