TAPI: Problem with cancelling attendend transfer


I am using the TAPI interface for an application and with one exception everything works as expected.

When I want to transfer a call (“Attendend Transfer”) and the third party does not answer, I cannot return directly to the original caller. After I have performed a “Disconnect”, it takes about 12 seconds until I hear the original caller again.

Is this a known problem or is there a solution to this?

Thank you very much,

Asterisk doesn’t have a native TAPI interface. Which gateway are you using between TAPI and AMI and/or AGI?

Also, there is a fundamental problem here that Asterisk doesn’t support attended transfer under third party control as it can only initiate blind transfers. Is this really a question about Asterisk, and what exactly are you doing? (You might be using TAPI for first party control of the phone, but that is an issue between you and the phone.)

As a general point, TAPI is an API, not a specific implementation, and the timing of this operation sounds like

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