I am not an experienced asterisk programmer. Can any one help me writing a dial plan for talk detection. Scenario is as follows: An incoming call is answered. Then When there a voice and no voice it should trigger event/or message.
Thanks in advance.


What is the goal? Perhaps there’s another/easier/better way to do it?

There is a Radio device connected to a conference room via Radio gateway. When there will be voice coming from radio, it will notify others so that they will join the conference room and listen to the voice in the conference room. This is to indicate there is some noise or voice coming from the radio device so that people will connect to that conference room and listen to the voice.

Sounds like you’d often loose a big chunk from the start of the transmission. But the above mentioned TALK_DETECT function, and something that listens to AMI for the emitted events, seems like the way to go then.

Following the same line of @Chano AMI could be way for this. Using Socket connection you can easyl catch those AMI events with PHP, Node …

Asterisk 18 ManagerEvent_ChannelTalkingStartPage:

Asterisk 18 ManagerEvent_ChannelTalkingStop

Page: Asterisk 18 ManagerEvent_ConfbridgeTalking

Thanks so much.
I am capturing the events, but once start and stop comes immediately. After that no more events. What other parameter I should be chaging? The vents comes once.


EAGI lets you get the real-time audio stream, I believe. Is that helpful?

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