How to retrieve and use Asterisk Talk_detect notification in dialplan

I want to create a dialplan with Talk_detect() function with some condition like, if Talk detected on a channels then goto(3). now im getting talking notification from asterisk 13
cli but i want to get that notification from AMI or ARI and put that in dialplan so when talking start on a channels, i can use the goto() function.


I think you can use AMI ChannelTalkingStart event and then Manager Redirect Action to redirect the channel

Hi ambiorixg12,

Thanks for your quick reply. I wanted to try AMI ChannelTalkingStart event but dont know how to do it. If pls help me to do that.

Thanks again

You have to write an external application in a language you know that connects to Asterisk over the AMI protocol, receives the event, and redirects as @ambiorixg12 mentioned. If you have a specific question in trying to do that we can help.

In addition to what @jcolp and @ambiorixg12 mentioned, make sure you place a TALK_DETECT function on the channels that you want talk detection events from. Otherwise, you won’t get any events for that channel.

The documentation I linked you to has examples of doing this.

You may be able to achieve what you need using dialplan functions WaitForSilence & WiatForNoise