T38 Gateway abilities question


In a setup similar to:
E1 - Asterisk1 - Lots of internet - Asterisk2 - Sipdevice1 (alaw capable only)

I want to allow incoming fax calls from the E1 line (alaw), to be converted into T38, sent to asterisk2 then re-encoded into alaw to be sent to Sipdevice1.

Also, around the other way,

An incoming Fax from Sipdevice1 needs to be converted to T38 at asterisk2, sent to asterisk1 decoded, then dialed out zaptel/E1.

I will be able to achieve this with the T38 gateway on both asterisk1 and asterisk2 correct?

Also, what has been your experience using the “digium” t38 gateway:

Also how hard is this set up compared to t37 for a similar setup.

In my experience T.38 on Asterisk is less than reliable. There is still a lot of work that needs to be put in to it.

what about using some of the third party commercial gateways that are available?