T.38 Fax again! Someone must know how to get it working

Hi guys.

Sorry to dredge this up again, but someone must have got this working on Asterisk. My equipment is all T.38 compliant and I can make it work if I don’t use Asterisk as the SIP proxy. I need fax in my applications as they are Small/Medium business that want fax off their DID which goes into Asterisk via SIP.

SpanDSP does not cut it. Too unreliable over SIP.

I know the problem is something to do with the way Asterisk negotiates the call setup.

I have seen people putting bounties up for Asterisk to do T.38 natively. All I want it to do is allow 2 SIP devices to bridge T.38 to get my fax machine on line.



Hi Mark I believe there is already a bounty for this on voip-info.org but it has been there for a while, faxing is probably asterisk’s weakest point, and it doesn’t look like it is being solved anytime soon.