System running 30-50% of its efficiency

Hey folks!
Here’s my specs:
Vicibox v.9.0.2 200415-1712 iso installation
Asterisk 13.38.2-vici
OpenSuse Lead 15.2
Single Server

Telephony Hardware is Dinstar GSM Gateway 16 Ports, currently using 8 ports only. 2G/3G/4G LTE only.

Here’s what I am facing:
My channels stays idle for upto a minute, don’t know why. But I have increase max trunks, max up CPS in vicidial & even vicidial shows placing calls but it takes much longer to get them ringing, longer than it should take. Also I noticed in asterisk cli that calls are dialed every minute, till then channel remains idle. Also my average call time is 5-6 seconds, I am voice blasting on this setup.

My reference: I was using an different system which had asterisk too, but it was performing as expected. As soon as one channel becomes free, it places calls and started dialing. On paper, that system got me 6000 Dialed calls in 12 hours, 4000 connected calls in 12 hours. This current setup is dialing at 2000 dialed calls in 12 hours.

Database & Sim cards operators are same as used in earlier system. Hardware too is same for sever & telephony. Server is i5 4th Gen 8GB Ram 500GB HDD.

I know it’s not a bug or something, I am missing something out in setting.

Pls assist.


Vicidial isn’t supported here. Asterisk 13 is no longer supported.

Please obtain protocol traces of whatever the protocol between the gateway and Asterisk is, and determine which side is clearing the call and when. Please obtain verbose level 5 logs from Asterisk, and see when the dialplan tries to end the call, using the same timebase as for the protocol logging. Please do the initial analysis yourself, as I imagine vicidial uses long complex logs and we won’t want to have to trawl through hundreds of lines of unfamiliar diaplan.

In any case, please update to a version of Asterisk with a reasonable remaining support life.

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