Switchvox and Digium Phone API Questions

Hi All,

I’m trying to re-use code that is found here:
but it doesn’t seem to work at all for me right now. Literally, just trying to light up a D70 phone button, no other code running.

My Switchvox is running 6.2, so perhaps the code is broken?

Anyone able to help me?

I’m also wondering, would someone have code that could prompt for “press a key” and when a user presses the button - it saves it to a variable and displays it on the screen?


Hi All,
Having a similar issue…
Running Switchvox 6.3.1…
using API code that previously worked, no longer returning anything.
In fact, no matter what API code I am running it does not appear to work now.
BTW using the wget option.

Have been searching for about an hour and this is the first mention I have found of a similar issue.
Has something changed?
If so, can you point me to the documentation?

Thanks in advance - Shane