Switchover from CallManager to Asterisk - questions

SBC provide us with seven POTS lines. They’re split into a 3 line hunt group and a 4 line hunt group. The 3 line goes into a Cisco VG200 with two VIC-2FXO cards. The 4 line goes into a Cisco 1760 and is split between a VIC-4FXO and another VIC-2FXO. All are set up as MGCP, and our Cisco 79x0 phones all have MCGP firmware. Running the whole shebang is Cisco CallManager 3.3(5). Voicemail is handled by Cisco Unity 4.0(3).

This solution was installed before I arrived and I’m not happy with either the performance or the administration and reporting functionality. I’ve had my eye on Asterisk for some time, and now I feel it’s time to take the plunge and get a lab environment set up with Asterisk running the show.

Will Asterisk work with the hardware I’ve outlined above? If so, how mature is the MGCP implementation?