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I am developing a survey after each call, in such a way that two questions are asked and the values indicated by dtmf are stored in a database.
This part is already developed as if it were an IVR that is launched by the agent by pressing * 5.

With this development I have two problems:
1.-I do not know how to launch this “IVR” automatically when the call is hung up by the caller or the called party.
Currently I launch it using “features_applicationmap” by pressing * 5 from called, but ideally it would not be automatic. It’s possible?

2.-Currently, as I have it configured, the channel does not “close” until the survey is completed … and of course this affects the availability of the agents when they have finished the call.
Since I have “ringinuse = no” configured in the queues, the agents appear as busy until the poll is complete.
Is there any solution for this?

Thank you!!

If the caller hangs up, you have lost them. You would have to ring back to their caller ID (originate from the h extension).

If the agent hangs up, you just need to use the c option, on Queue, and put the survey after the Queue call.

Thanks David

I test it

Just say that the option to put “c” in the queue options works correctly. The two problems I had are solved:
1.-that the ivr is launched automatically
2.-that the agent does not remain “active” while the ivr is running.

Thank you very much David for the help!

I have encountered a problem …
It happens to me that the survey jumps in any states …:
1.-if the agent hangs up (what is wanted)
2.-but it also jumps if the call is not answered, instead of jumping to the answering machine or to another queue
How could we tell the asterisk “only skip the survey when it has been attended by an agent”?

Check the value of QUEUESTATUS.

ok, solved!.

exten => 401,n,GotoIf(["{QUEUESTATUS}" = “CONTINUE”]?x:y)
exten => 401,n(x),Dial(Local/s@xxx)–> this launch the survey
exten => 401,n(y),Noop(“yyy”)–>this continue with the dialplan, TIMEOUT, etc…

x–> survey
y–> no survey

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